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Hunting Rifle
Hunting Rifle

Hunting rifles can be divided into several groups:

Dangerous game
Big game
Small game

Dangerous game is commonly encountered at 100 yards or less, though longer shots are often taken. Most big game is taken INSIDE 300 yards, though longer shots are often taken. Small game is usually taken inside 50 yards, though longer shots are often taken. Predators are usually taken inside 100 yards, though longer shots are often taken. Varmints are usually taken inside 300 yards, with shots twice that distance a common occurrence. So at what range do we “sight in”? You will use a different criterion for your .458 Win. Mag. than you use for your .220 Swift. This course will teach you to mate the “sight in” to the rifle and caliber. It might surprise you that one specific sight in will work for several different rifles and calibers.

This is a one day course. Cost of course is $125.00 per person. You furnish your rifle and ammo.


Ph: 817-478-0740


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