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Course Level Five (5)

Level 5 consists of tests and drills to test your skills to the utmost. Level 5 graduates will have demonstrated prowess and proficiency well beyond the ordinary. Those graduates who have earned and wear the Level 5 patch will be in good physical condition, will not be timid, will have demonstrated that they can think on their feet, and outshoot 95% of the worlds population. Those who successfully pass Level 5 will be awarded a patch for their shooting jacket.

Level 5 is a pass or fail course, different from Level 4 in many respects, not the least of which is that the drills in Level 5 stop at any point the student fails to meet the challenge before him.

A person may re-test for Level 5 at a later date, as a new applicant.

To test for Level 5, you must be a graduate of my course, or at least my Advanced class.

Length of course: 8 hours
Cost of course: $125.00

Ph: 817-478-0740


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